ragazzi con scarpe yuool in lana merino colore marrone blu rosaragazza con scarpa yuool bordeaux in lana merino
Pure Merino Wool Shoes

It's Like Walking
On A Cloud

You have walked an all life, but never like this
A new concept of shoes, versitile, simple yet stilish.
A new Italian- Brasilian start-up launches merino wool shoes: they weight half the classic snekaers thanks to the special materials.
Biella - Brasil partnership to produce merino wool shoes.

Pure Merino Wool Shoes. Soft And Durable

When the respect for nature and the Italian textile excellency come together, the result is a one-of-a-kind product that combines comfort and design for every season and occasion.

Yuool Sneakers

Ethically made with Merino wool, our sneakers are extremely soft and cosy
Men's Shoes
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Women's Shoes
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Yuool Boots

Our Merino wool boots are the perfect choice for those looking for an even more enveloping feeling
Men's Boots
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Women's Boots
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The Comfort You Are Looking For With No Compromise

Yuool shoes fit your personal style. You can wear them to work, for a walk or on a date. They are simple yet stilish and go with practically anything in your wardrobe.
scarpe yuool rosso bordeaux in lana merino con sfondo natura

Naturally Confortable

Minimal Design

design minimal per scarpa bianca yuool in lana merino

Straight From The Producer